We have the aim to offer our services cost efficiently and on a cost-transparency basis. Attorney fees are calculated on the basis of hours spent and recorded. The applicable professional fee tariff shall be provided if requested. In case of complicated issues, in urgent cases, cases of a large financial impact, or taking into account the result achieved, or the nature of the relation with the client the professional fees may be adjusted upwards or downwards, in reasonable assessment by our firm.

Other outlays like bailiff, court registration fee, courier services, translations, travel- and lodging expenses, etc. are invoiced separately.

VAT is only invoiced if due.

If agreed the collection fee of the Dutch Bar Association may be applicable. If agreed beforehand, there is a possibility to levy a fixed fee for certain work like: a ship arrest; other arrests; injunction proceedings; certain described work.

It is also possible to make an agreement for certain described services on a yearly basis or a fixed amount based on a reasonable assessment, which if agreed, can be re-assessed with retroactive effect.

In principle quarterly invoices are submitted, unless the case warrants to act otherwise. Payment term for invoices is 30 days.