Smallegange Lawyers has extensive experience in conducting legal proceedings in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Our law firm regularly assists clients in court and our international network extents to all over the world. Smallegange Lawyers is able to conduct national and international proceedings from beginning to end.

(International) arbitration and execution of arbitral decisions

Regularly, parties agree to submit a legal dispute to an arbitrator. Smallegange Lawyers has extensive experience in conducting arbitral proceedings for our clients. Moreover, we assist clients with the execution of arbitral decisions.

Enforcement of foreign decisions

Smallegange Lawyers regularly assists in enforcing foreign decisions. We advise clients about the possibilities and the possibilities of execution.

(Inter)national ship arrests

Arresting ships is an effective way to enforce claims or to obtain security for an outstanding debt. Smallegange Lawyers has extensive experience with arresting attachments. This includes attaching ships, bank accounts and other goods. If you want to attach the goods of your debtor, please contact Smallegange Lawyers.

Forced sale of ships/vehicles/cargo

Smallegange Lawyers advises parties about the forced sale of ships, other transport vehicles and cargo. It is important to be aware of the legal context and the possibilities of (international) laws and regulations.