Smallgange has a construction practice with vast experience in dealing with standard Dutch construction contracts (such as the UAV, UAV-GC and DNR), standard international construction contracts (such as FIDIC, NEC and JTC) and tailor made contracts. Smallegange is involved with classic Dutch projects but also assists clients on foreign projects.

Smallegange services project owners, engineering companies, advisors, consultants, main and subcontractors and suppliers.

Smallegange provides a full range of construction services, including the drafting and assessment of construction contracts, advising on public and private tenders, advising on contract execution in the design, engineering and construction phase and the assistance and representation of clients during formal or informal dispute avoidance or resolution proceedings including mediation, dispute boards, arbitration or court litigation. The firm also regularly deals with construction joint ventures and consortiums.

In case issues arise during the design, engineering or construction phase, the firm tries to resolve the matter in cooperation with the client before it grows out of proportion. For those situations that such matter cannot be resolved, the firm has significant experience with all dispute resolution proceedings in the construction industry.