Hull insurance

Most shipping companies make sure their vessels are covered by a hull insurance. Sometimes this type of insurance is even required by the flag state. A hull insurance regularly leads to conflicts about coverage, the amount of damage, new for old deduction, underinsurance and non-disclosure. Smallegange Lawyers assists insurers and companies in the handling and settling of hull damages. Additionally, we have extensive experience with the Dutch Bourse Hull Policy, Institute Hull Clauses, the International Hull Clauses and the Norwegian Plan.

P&I insurance

Another important form of insurance is the protection and indemnity insurance. A P&I insurance covers several liabilities, such as personal injuries of the crew, environmental damages, wreck removal costs and cargo damage claims. Due to our extensive experience we are able to assist both insurers and shipowners in this regard.

Liability insurance

Liability comes in many shapes and sizes. Carriers, as well as freight forwarders, stevedores, shipping agents and shipbuilding companies are likely to face a liability claim sooner or later. For example, conflicts arise when cargo is delayed or damaged, when the cargo was delivered at the wrong address, when a stevedore causes damage to a wheelhouse or when damage occurs during construction. Smallegange Lawyers advises and assists both claimants and defendants in liability cases.

Cargo insurance

In case of lost or damaged cargo during transport, suing the carrier doesn’t necessarily lead to compensation in full. In some cases the carrier isn’t liable for all damages and in others the carrier will be able to limit his liability to a certain maximum amount. A cargo insurance or shipping insurance covers loss of and damage to goods during transport. Smallegange assists insurers as well as other companies in settling cargo damages or conflicts about the policy.

Personal injuries insurance

Smallegange Lawyers also advises on the subject of personal injuries (insurances). When a person is injured by an accident on board, Smallegange is ready to assist and advise on the legal consequences in this context. Of course this also applies to accidents that occurred elsewhere, such as in the harbour and at the company site.

Working materials and equipment insurance

Under Dutch law, an insurance for working materials and equipment is mandatory. This insurance covers damage caused to third parties. However, it is possible to cover hull damages and damage to the working materials and equipment as well. Smallegange Lawyers has extensive experience in this regard, especially with damage to wires and lines.