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Carriage by road

Smallegange Lawyers assists both carriers and cargo interests in a wide variety of domestic and international cases. We have extensive experience with general transport conditions and the applicable laws and regulations, like the AVC conditions and the CMR convention.

Carriage by air

As a maritime and transport law specialist, Smallegange Lawyers has extensive experience with carriage by air cases governed by the Montréal convention. Common issues in this field are payment of freight, delays, personal injuries and lost or damaged cargo and luggage. We assist various clients including carriers, freight forwarders, passengers and cargo interests.

Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport has become an integral part of everyday transport. While it often leads to more efficiency, things can get more complex from a legal perspective. More often than not questions arise about the applicability of the various conventions governing the different modalities. While some conventions try to answer these questions, this is not always the case. As a maritime and transport law specialist, Smallegange Lawyers helps clients to get on the right track.

Carriage by pipeline

Carriage by pipeline plays an important role in the global stream of raw materials and utilities.  As a transport law specialist, Smallegange Lawyers’ expertise extends to carriage by pipeline as well. We assist and advise all companies in this field.