Commercial contracts

Sale of goods, agency and distribution are just a few examples of common contract in international trade. Of course, Smallegange Lawyers assists and advises about drafting and assessing contracts. If necessary we are ready to assist in legal disputes.

Purchasing and selling goods

The sale of goods plays a central role in international trade. Smallegange Lawyers is familiar with inter alia the Incoterms, transfer of risks, the several methods of payment and shipping documents. Our focus on trade and transport allowed us to develop an expertise in the relationship between international sale of goods and the relevant contract of carriage. We assist our clients in disputes about delivery, quality and payment, among other things. If necessary we attach the goods or take action to recover a debt.

Letters of credit

Smallegange Lawyers encompasses everything commercial law has to offer. This includes letters of credit and other payment instruments, such as bank guarantees and documentary collection. We also have the necessary experience with law relating to bills of exchange and cheques.


Guarantees, like bank guarantees and P&I guarantees, are a common instrument in international trade. Limiting the risks secures a steady market. However, when providing guarantees one should be careful to use the right wording, to assess the risks and to keep an eye on the position of the parties. Smallegange Lawyers advises and assists clients in providing and assessing guarantees.

Security rights (right of pledge, possessory lien, retention of title)

Security rights play a role in the relationship between the buyer and the seller, as well as in the relationship between the cargo owner and the carrier. Common examples are the right of pledge, the possessory lien and the retention of title.